Streets of St Pancras - Somers Town and the Railway Lands

Streets of St Pancras - Somers Town and the Railway Lands

Streets of St Pancras - Somers Town and the Railway Lands, subtitled 'A survey of streets, buildings and former residents in a part of Camden'

Published by the Camden History Society in 2002, 112 pages. Rectangular paperback - c.20cm by 14cm (N6446X1)

From the inside front cover: This book looks at that small part of the original parish of St Pancras, Middlesex, which was its historic heartland. It covers the area from Euston Road in the south to Agar Grove in the north, and from Hampstead Road in the west to the border with Islington (York Way) in the east. This encompasses the streets in Somers Town and Bedford New Town, but other small estates are also included. Constructions of major interest are the three main-line railway termini Euston, St Pancras and King's Cross, the British Library, and Giles Gilbert Scott's magnificent Midland Grand Hotel, now St Pancras Chambers. A good deal of the land area is taken up with the railway lines and the associated railway lands, now increasingly being put to other uses. These are described in detail at a time (early 2002) when huge changes are underway as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link is built and gleaming new urban environments are expected to arise not from the ashes but from the coal dust and other detritus from the age of steam. Contents include:

St Pancras street names and their origins
Historical overview
Vanished streets of St Pancras
Route 1: From Hampstead Road to Euston Station
Route 2: Somers Town (south & west) linear walk from Euston station to King's Cross
Route 3: Somers Town (north & east) linear walk from the British Library to Mornington Crescent
Route 4: Fig's Mead (Bedford New Town) circular walk from Mornington Crescent station
Route 5: King's Cross and the Railway Lands linear walk from King's Cross to Camden Town
Route 6: Through lost Agar Town circular walk from King's Cross or linear to Mornington Cresce
Route 7: From St Pancras Gardens to St Pancras Chambers linear walk from Crowndale Road to St Pancras station

The condition of the book is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is a small price sticker on the rear side cover.
Condition New