SPAIN JOURNAL No.73 (Published 23rd February 1939)

SPAIN JOURNAL No.73 (Published 23rd February 1939)
Large booklet - c.21cm by 27cm. 18 pages. (WSOU3)

This journal was published during the Spanish Civil War by an agency of Franco's Nationalist rebellion, and aimed to spread facist propaganda. The journals were filled with articles and stories about the valiant god fearing soldiers of Franco's forces, and the despicable activities of the 'reds' on the other side, and this issue is no exception....

This issue includes an article on the fall of Barcelona to Franco's forces, the case of the Basque Nationalists, support for Franco in Glasgow, the activities of the Russian secret police during the Red Terror in Barcelona (including torture), and religion under the Red Regime. The journal is also illustrated throughout with several black and white photographs.

The condition of the booklet is generally poor, but is perfect as a reading copy of reference for study. The cover has some scuffs and creases, and some light nibbling along the edges, and their is a 3cm tear along the right hand edge of the front cover, and a 9cm tear along the bottom of the spine, which leads to another 3cm tear on the rear side right cover right hand edge. But the staple spine is intact, and all pages are intact and tightly bound. 
Condition New