SOE in Italy 1940-1945, by Malcolm Tudor

SOE in Italy 1940-1945, by Malcolm Tudor

SOE in Italy 1940-1945, by Malcolm Tudor

Book published by Emilia Publishing in 2011, 186 pages. Paperback (N4201P1)

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This book provides a fascinating account of the role of Britain's Special Operations Executive in Italy during the entire Second World War....

From the rear side cover: This book provides the real story of Britain's secret service in action with the Italian Resistance during the Second World War. The Special Operations Executive carried out sabotage and supported local patriots who fought the Nazis and Fascists. The Italian Resistance movement was one of the greatest in Western Europe. Partisan forces hit enemy communications, tied down seven German divisions and provided tactical support for the Allied 5th and 8th armies. The Resistance played a considerable part in the complete and final allied victory in Italy, and the partisans' success was only made possible by the courageous agents and the weapons and supplies parachuted to them by the Allies. Chapters include:

  • The Spirit of Resistance
  • Targeting Italy
  • No. 1 Special Force
  • Secret Intelligence
  • Italian Infiltration
  • The Struggle for Control
  • Early SOE Missions
  • British Liaison Officers
  • SOE in the Apennines
  • Secret Air Operations
  • The Mission of 12 October 1944
  • The Captain Armstrong Mystery
  • The Radio Operator's Tale
  • Mission to Milan
  • The Murder of Mussolini
  • The Liberation

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