Smoke and Mirrors, by Deborah Lake

Smoke and Mirrors, by Deborah Lake
Smoke and Mirrors, by Deborah lake, subtitled 'Q-Ships against the U-Boats in the First World War'

Published by The History Press in 2009, 241 pages. Paperback (N4307)

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From the rear side cover: The Q ship, an ordinary merchant vessel with concealed guns, came into its own  during the First World War, when used by the Royal Navy to trap and destroy  German U-boats. Deborah Lake uses a wide range of primary and secondary source  material drawn from archives in the UK, Germany and the USA to tell the  compelling story of the Q-Ships and their U-boat adversaries.

The Q-ship  operations themselves are covered by following the careers of the eight men who  won the Victoria Cross on Special Service Operations; and by accounts of the  German U-boat crews on the receiving end. No book on Q-ships can avoid the  Baralong incident in which a Q-ship's crew allegedly executed the survivors of  the German submarine U27, on 19 August 1915. In a subsequent encounter with U41,  more British atrocities were alleged by the only two German survivors. Revealing  extracts from the diary of a Royal Marine who served on board the Baralong are  reproduced in the book together with other first-hand accounts. With charge and  counter-charge, this incident provides a fascinating story.

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