Silverdale People, by Joyce Holliday

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Silverdale People, by Joyce Holliday

Silverdale People, by Joyce Holliday (Fanny Deakin, Joseph Cook, John Cadman and Harold Brown)

Book published by Staffordshire Libraries, Arts and Atchives in 1996, 134 pages. A4 size softback (S6134)

From the rear side cover: This book is a history of the notable people originating from Silverdale. It details the life of Fanny Deakin, with additional material on Joseph Cook, John Cadman and Harold Cook. The mining background against which the historical events are set is also described.

This book is essential reading for all persons living in Silverdale, or having an interest in the history of the village. It offers a detailed study of Silverdale's best known people, and an appreciation of the people and the social background of the time....

Most of the book is concerned with the life of Fanny Deakinn, who led a fascinating life! Fanny (1883–1968) was a politician and feminist who was born in Silverdale, and she was the first woman to be elected onto Wolstanton Council as a Labour member in 1923. In 1927 she retained her seat, this time standing as a Communist, and she was incredibly popular with local people, who nicknamed her Red Fanny. Fanny played an important role in the National Unemployed Workers Movement, and was also active during the General Strike

Regarding the other people noted in the book, Joseph Cook (1860-1947) worked in the Silverdale coal mines in his early life, but later emigrated to Australia and ended up becoming Australian Prime Minister! John Cadman was a mining engineer who went on to play an important role in oil exploration and mining in the 1930's

The book includes a fold out map of Silverdale, and over 20 pages (at the end of the book) of plate black and white photographs

Condition of the book is generally ok. The cover has lots of scuffs, blemishes and creases, and nibbling and wear along the edges, but the spine is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound.

Condition New