Scotland in 1907, by R.J Morris

Scotland in 1907, by R.J Morris

Scotland in 1907, by R.J Morris, subtitled 'The many Scotlands of Valentine and Sons Photographers'

Published by Birlinn in 2007, 220 pages. Large Hardback with Dust Jacket (N3305)

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Valentine and Sons of Dundee were Scotland’s most successful commercial photographers. In 1907, at the height of the postcard revolution, the photographs they published showed Scotland in its many guises, and were bought with pride and pleasure by Scots and visitors alike. The photographs ranged from the Bens and Glens to towns and great cities, featuring fishermen, steamers on the loch, municipal fountains and market squares. Valentine not only worked in the tradition of Scottish photographers like Washington Wilson, and Hill and Adamson, but also followed earlier engravers and landscape painters like J. M. W. Turner.

Three hundred years after the Act of Union, the pictures of 1907 showed a confident Scotland, and were sent all over the world as postcards. This fascinating book collects together the best of these photographs - Drawing on guidebooks, pictures, gazetteers and maps, it provides detailed explanatory commentary to elucidate this fascinating collection of images, giving a valuable insight into the history of the nation.

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