Scammel Vehicles, edited by Bart Vanderveen

Scammel Vehicles, edited by Bart Vanderveen
Published by Roundoak in 1990, 62 pages. Rectangular Hardback - 18.5cm by 25cm (N7893)

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From the introduction: 'If you've got a load to move - get a Scammell.' This Scammell slogan sums up in a few words the purpose of this famous British company. Scammell Lorries Ltd of Watford, Hertfordshire, are very much 'specialist vehicle builders', i.e. specialist builders of specialist vehicles, and the name has come to be synonymous with 'big', 'sturdy' and 'indestructible'.

Looking back over the last 50 years, as we have done in this book, we find that many Scammells were tailor-made to meet the customer's particular requirements, irrcorporating, of course, as many contemporary standardised components as possible and practical. The early models could not always be described as handsome, but often this unintentional ugliness was an asset because it added to the impression of the vehicle's functional ability. And the function really was impressive! To present a complete pictorial history of Scammell vehicles is an impossible task because of their enormous variety and diversity. We have endeavoured, however, to illustrate the basic models and some of their derivations, including the military vehicles which played such an important role in World War Two.

Our sincere thanks are extended to Scammell's enthusiastic Publicity Officers, past and present, for providing so many photographs for use in this book which of necessity has had to be restricted to about a tenth of its potential size. Much-appreciated assistance has also been rendered by Mr John Wynn, Director of Robert Wynn & Sons Ltd, and Mr E. G. Milne of Pickfords, two well-known heavy haulage specialists.