Rust & Chipping - Painting with Vallejo Acrylic Colours

Rust & Chipping - Painting with Vallejo Acrylic Colours
Rust & Chipping - Painting with Vallejo Acrylic Colours, by Michael Rinaldi, Virgil Suarez, John Tolcher, Scratchmod, Chema Cabrero and Adam Wilder

Book published by Vallejo, 98 pages. A4 size paperback - c.21cm by 30cm (N6707)

From the introduction: Man and machine, rust and steel- these elements are so intimately linked together it becomes hard not to be involved with some form of rusted steel with many a modeling project. Working with rust on a scale model is something any good modeler must be aware of to understand the unique properties and characteristics that make incorporating rust into the paint job a more interesting and inviting proposition. This new book from the publishing department of Vallejo Acrylics deals with this singular element as the main theme of what you are about to read and journey through from the work of some very talented modelers; ideas not limited to popular military applications, but civilian machines as well. We know any painted steel machine or object that takes on chips and scratches, and/or has suffered years at the hands of what Mother Nature can do from years of exposure to the elements, the finish of a model project like this must have rust as a part of its final appearance.

Inside this volume, the collective authors will take a closer look at both the actual implementation of working with Vallejo acrylic-based products to recreate rusted metal in a variety of visions, and explain their ideas of how best to add these processes into your own work. Each chapter will describe in pictures and words the detailed application steps necessary to complete a project layered with rusted elements, whether that be heavily worn out car, tank or construction equipment, or something from the science fiction realm. Rust never limits itself by subject, genre or era - any steel or iron metal project should consider it a necessary part of the painting and weathering. A simple look around our world outside shows just how easily it is to find objects with exposed rust; it never sleeps and never stops working its way into the patina on the surface that we find so fascinating, and ultimately beautiful, in its own unique manner.

As you will quickly see after you turn the pages, there is a veritable plethora of ways to add rust into your projects and each author has taken their own perspective on the matter. In truth, it is only via the limitations of a finite book that we, the authors, (and those throughout the hobby world) are able to rein in the incredible variables associated with rusting a steel vehicle or object. It is hard to overstate this fact, the vast possibilities of how rust happens, and the thought of dealing with it as an overall topic; most of us will find the boundaries of a descriptive envelope very helpful in allowing us to narrow down the choices in techniques and products, and actually implement the ideas in a reasonable and efficient fashion. Too often, we can be literally overwhelmed with the sheer volume of ideas presented and by having this conversation as a new book we take a lot of the guess work out and present the content with respect to you, the modeler, being able to replicate and incorporate these concepts into your own array of projects.

In a commendable way, Vallejo has taken up the mantlet of providing the hobby world with an incredible array of acrylic-based products in an effort to help us recreate with efficient, non- toxic and readily available chemicals that allow us to manage our painting and weathering tasks, including rust as the main theme of this book. These include paint sets, pigments, and washes, all of which avoid the harsh enamel-based weathering chemicals with their strong odors and longer drying times associated with their use. The beauty of this acrylic-based system is that it gives us modelers even more options in the marketplace, and that is why we celebrate these products in this manner and showcase their use. Traditional enamels playa very prominent role in painting and weathering models, as they should after decades of proven success, but here we can see firsthand just how well Vallejo acrylics can also be used to create incredibly realistic and world­ class weathering results - equal to anything else available. And this is the key aspect to enjoying this hobby that gives us so many excellent product choices and optional paths to challenge ourselves and turn any project into the finished goals we see in the current and historical-based miniature world.

The condition of the book is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. The book has been bumped in the left hand corner, and this has caused a tiny amount of wear in that corner.
Condition New