Royal Marines and D-Day - Some Personal Reminiscenses, by D Farquharson-Boberts

Royal Marines and D-Day - Some Personal Reminiscenses, by D Farquharson-Boberts
Book published by the Royal Marines Historical Society. 98 pages. Paperback (N5879)

From the rear side cover: Over 20,000 Royal Marines from Brigadier to a sixteen-year-old Boy Bugler took part in the D-Day Landings in June 1944. The late Captain the Reverend Donald Farquharson-Roberts RM compiled this anthology of the memories of some of the RM survivors, and one or two who did not. They describe their amazing experiences leading up to and during the D-Day landings. The self-effacing modesty and undisputed selfless courage of these individuals of all ranks makes for a most humbling and deeply impressive record of what actually happened to the soldiers, sailors, marines and junior officers on this fateful day, from Captain Farquharson-Roberts' own near fatal fifteen-inch turret explosion in HMS Erebus to Marine Jack Pattison's experiences as a landing craft crewman leading to his death on the beaches of Normandy. Included are some of the horrifying experiences of the landing craft coxswains and other crewmen such as Sergeant Dennis Drew, Marine Stan Blacker. Corporal Haydon Morgan and Marine H R Neville, the chaos and carnage amongst the assaulting Commando units as endured by Marine Ray Mitchell, Sergeant Tom Morgan, Sergeant Arthur Gray, Marine Freddie Townsend and others, and the incredible luck of Sergeant J A Cummings, a Centaur tank commander of the RM Annoured Support Group who landed in the first wave.

What makes tins book so special is that it does not try to justify anything or describe the history of the events of D-Day; it depicts the very personal experiences and innermost feelings of these men as they stared death in the face. It is intensely moving and the reader comes away at the end with a feeling of humility, deep gratitude and immense pride in our fellow Marines of yesterday and today...

The book is illustrated throughout with several small black and white photographs.

The condition of the book is generally very good. The covers have one or two minor scuffs, and some light creasing and wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.
Condition New