Reforger 77 Carbon Edge, by Walter Bohm

Reforger 77 Carbon Edge, by Walter Bohm
Published by Tankograd in 2020, 64 pages. Large A4 size softback, with dual English/German text (N7764)

Brand New Book

From the rear side cover: REFORGER 77 Carbon Edge was conducted as a free-running corps-level FTX. It involved 51,800 troops with 4,000 tracked vehicles, 7,500 wheeled vehicles, 500 helicopters and 90 combat aircraft. The aim of Carbon Edge was to test the capability of NATO to slow down, intercept and stop a major conventional attack of the Warsaw Pact in order to gain enough time to assemble sufficient forces for a counteroffensive and, by so doing, regain the initiative on the battlefield. This publication uses impressive and large-format action photos to illustrate the offensives and counteroffensives of the exercise. A special chapter is devoted to the famous “Tank Grave at Pless”.

Illustrated throughout with over 100 colour (and a handful of black and white) photographs.