Redcliffe, by Maurice Fells

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Redcliffe, by Maurice Fells
Book published by Tempus in 2004, 96 pages. Paperback (N6681)

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From the rear side cover: This book is a celebration of one of Bristol's most historic and interesting suburbs and its people. Thousands of commuters pass through Redcliffe every day, probably unaware of its fascinating past. Redcliffe's history has largely become subsumed in that of Bristol's, though for many years it was outside its boundary. The church of St Mary Redcliffe, which towers over the district, has long been considered a focal point of the community, and this book explores the importance of this local icon alongside some of Redcliffe 's buildings, businesses and characters that have long since vanished from the area. Illustrated with photographs, postcards, advertisements and other ephemera, Redcl!ffe offers the reader a fascinating insight into this most historic of Bristol suburbs...

The book will delight anyone who has lived or grown up in and around Redcliffe, as well as people with a more general interest in the social history of this part of Bristol and beyond....
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