R.A.F West Raynham, A Brief History 1939-1994, by Janine Harrington

R.A.F West Raynham, A Brief History 1939-1994, by Janine Harrington

Booklet published by the author in 2013, 58 pages. A5 size booklet (N6669)

Royal Air Force West Raynham was a Royal Air Force station situated a couple of miles from the village of West Raynham in Norfolk, and it opened in 1939 and was used by RAF Bomber command during the Second World War. The airfield continued in use after the war, until finally closing in 1994, and this booklet provides a fascinating brief history of the airfield and its operational use during that time. Sections include:

RAF West Raynham - A Brief History
Second World War - No. 101 Squadron
No. 18 Squadron
RAF No. 100 (Bomber Support) Group, West Raynham Airfield
No. 141 Squadron
Personal Experiences, John Hereford (Spec/Op with 219 Squadron), ABC Jamming, Flight Lieutenant LD Gregory
No. 239 Squadron
West Raynham Post War
Hawker Hunter Tower Bridge Incident
West Raynham 1994 onwards
Closure and redevelopment

From the introduction: It was as a schoolboy at the start of the war that Len Bartram first began making notes of new happenings around him, intrigued by what it might mean, and the sudden secrecy surrounding fields where he played. When his father became a Night Watchman and he gained a bicycle, it gave Len the ideal opportunity to play 'super sleuth', travelling beyond what he could see, cycling up hill and down dale, charting changes appearing almost on a daily basis, making friends with men and women in blue uniform who began to inhabit newly erected buildings on fields near his home. He watched in awe as aircraft came and went. Roads were closed off. People with strange accents became a part of the everyday scene. In later years, he home produced a series of booklets starting to cover a brief history of Norfolk airfields using maps charted as a boy and information shared by personnel serving in these Squadrons....

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