Pubs and Hotels of Wellington, Shropshire, by Allan Frost

Pubs and Hotels of Wellington, Shropshire, by Allan Frost

Pubs and Hotels of Wellington, Shropshire, by Allan Frost

Published by Wrekin Books in 2015, 160 pages. Paperback (N5323).

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From the rear side cover: This collection of archive images, many never before published, tells the stories behind over one hundred public houses and hotels in the Medieval market town of Wellington (now absorbed into the Telford conurbation) in Shropshire, England.

Entertaining and informative, this book explains the origin of names on pub signs, and provides important detail regarding hostelry locations, owners, licence holders, changes of name together with a wealth of additional information revealed in a perceptive commentary.

After decades scrutinising old newspapers, sale particulars, census returns, tithe apportionments, trade, town and county directories, private deeds and estate records, as well as collecting maps, plans, drawings, photographs and personal memories, the author has produced the most detailed book ever written about these socially and culturally vital amenities.

Only a quarter of the beer houses, inns, pubs, taverns and hotels (including temperance) listed here survive. A few new ones have been created in recent years; some last poured a pint over two hundred years ago, while others gave up the struggle for survival because of changes in legislation, ownership and management.

Many folk will remember Slaney's Vaults, Duke of Wellington, Black Horse and Nelson, but nobody living today will have called in at the Cow, Fox, Market Tavern or Cross Guns, let alone know when they existed or where they once stood.

Pubs and Hotels of Wellington, Shropshire contains a wealth of information of lasting interest to present and former townsfolk, local historians and pubgoers as well as anyone (including family history researchers) whose ancestors were engaged in the licensed trade.
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