Poland and the German Question (Published 1963)

Poland and the German Question (Published 1963)

By Halina Brodzka, Tadeusz Derlatka, Jozef Krajski, Jozef Lubojanski and Edmund Meclewski

Published by Zachodnia Agencja Pasowa (Poznan and Warsaw) in 1963, 142 pages. Paperback - c.14.5cm by 21cm (A34Z)

From the inside fly leaf: The problem to which this publication is devoted may seem to many a reader both remote and of no particular interest. Seen from America, Africa or Asia, the mutual relations between two medium-sized nations of Central Europe may seen an insigni­ficant neighbourly dispute of local impor­tance. Nevertheless, everybody conversant, however superficially, with the political hi­story of Europe and the political problems now dividing the world appreciates, that this is one of the problems of key impor­tance to the peace and future of this planet.

Our warnings about- the dangerous growth of nationalism, revisionism and mi­litarism in the German Federal Republic are often 'countered in the West with the question: why so much fuss? Where do you perceive dangerous developments in a community which is politically apathetic and basks in its material prosperity?

What ts the real position? Which of the two views is the true one? The one domi­nated by the figure of the contented West German consumer? Or that, in the fo­reground of which there marches the Bundeswehr with its Nazi cadre, where revisionists demonstrate by the hundreds of thousands, where young people goose-step to the drums?

The condition of the book is generally ok. The covers have several scuffs and blemishes, and light creasing and wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact and all pages are intact and bound. There is considerable foxing to the inside covers and first and last few inside pages.