Pointe du Hoc, by Peter Howard

Pointe du Hoc, by Peter Howard
Pointe du Hoc, by Peter Howard

Published by Ian Allan in 2006, 96 pages. Large softback - 30cm by 22cm (N4334)

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Located to the west of Omaha Beach, the six 155mm cannon based at Pointe du Hoc, with their 25,000 yard range, represented a major threat to the American forces scheduled to land on the beach. Regarded as impregnable from the sea as a result of sheer cliffs, the battery was heavily defended on the landward side, with heavily concreted casements, tunnels and interlinked trenches. Manning the battery were some 125 infantry and 85 artillerymen.

Against this formidable target were sent three companies of Lt-Col James E. Rudder's 2nd Ranger Battalion. Landing on the morning of 6th June 1944, Rudder's troops faced immense problems in seeking to ascend the supposedly impregnable cliffs but eventually succeeded in their objectives. However, with less than half his force still alive, Rudder faced determined German counter-attacks and was not to be relieved by other US forces until 8th June, two days later than scheduled.

Drawing upon contemporary source material and specially prepared artworks, the book provides a detailed analysis of the raid and its consequences which will appeal to military historians, wargamers and recreationists alike.

The book is illustrated throughout with lots of colour and black and white photographs and maps

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