Plymouth Transport Through Time, by Derek Tait

Plymouth Transport Through Time, by Derek Tait

Plymouth Transport Through Time, by Derek Tait

Published by Amberley in 2012, 96 pages. Paperback (N5051)

Brand New Book

This book is a wonderful collection of old and new photographs of transport in and around Plymouth. The older images are printed alongside a contemporary full colour photograph, which illustrates the same scene, and the contrasting illustrations show how transport in the area has changed and developed during the last 100 years. This juxtaposition of old and new offers a fascinating insight into how transport in the city has changed over the last century....

From the rear side cover: With today's constant stream of busy traffic, it's hard to imagine a time when Plymouth had no cars, lorries or buses. With the dawn of photography, the only vehicles in the area would have been horse-drawn wagons or hand-carts and the occasional bicycle. Horse-drawn trams were introduced in the later 1800s and, with the introduction of the railway, it became far easier for people to travel further afield.

The early 1900s saw the introduction of cars but these were very scarce and a man with a red flag would have to run in front of the car to warn of its coming. If children saw such a vehicle, they would run along behind it. Today it's very easy to get from one point to another without much thought whereas 120 years ago, travelling the same distance, would have been an adventure and a day out that would be talked about for weeks after.
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