Plymouth at War, by Derek Tait

Plymouth at War, by Derek Tait
Plymouth at War, by Derek Tait

Published by Amberley in 2011, 96 pages. Paperback (N4653)

Brand New Book

This book is a wonderful collection of old and new photographs of the port of Plymouth in Devon. The older images (all taken during the Second World War) are printed alongside a contemporary full colour photograph, which illustrates the same scene, and the contrasting illustrations show how the area has changed and developed from the time of the conflict...

From the rear side cover: The face of Plymouth changed forever during the Second World War. Heavy bombing destroyed most of its buildings and left the city devastated. Many people found themselves homeless with their only belongings being possessions salvaged from their destroyed homes. Many children were evacuated away from danger and were sent out into the countryside. Many didn’t want to go while others saw it as an adventure.

The Dockyard also came under attack and large areas of Devonport were destroyed or severely damaged. Other areas hit by the bombing included St Budeaux, Saltash Passage, Swilly (later North Prospect) and Stonehouse. Plymouth Hoe also suffered damage including the destruction of the Pier. Plymouth at War Through Time shows much of the devastation to the city as well as photographs of the same areas as they are today.

Condition New