Pit Sense versus the State - Militant Miners in the Doncaster Area

Pit Sense versus the State - Militant Miners in the Doncaster Area

Pit Sense versus the State, by David John Douglass

Published by Phoenix Press, 112 pages. (N3395)

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From the rear side cover: This book is first of all about militant working class activity, showing just what ordinary people can do when they put their mind to it. It centres on the miners strike of 1984/1985 but includes material from both before and after that battle and is relevant to all industrial fights, not just the one that it describes and analyses.

Unlike most accounts of working class resistance it is written by a working class insider, not a middle class outside. Dave Douglass was NUM branch delegate at Hatfield Main colliery, and, as this account shows, was heavily involved in the strike, including picketing.

As someone once remarked, 'The emancipation of the working class is a job for the working class themselves, and this book follows through with that message, attacking the left who criticised the miners during the strike.

The book is a warts and all portrait, admitting mistakes that were made, and showing the differences that existed between the miners themselves. It includes extracts from both the local picket log of the strike, and the union meetings held during the strike. It is not an exhaustive history of the Doncaster miners or even of the great strike, but is an account of a fiery page in the history of the British working class

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