Pioneers, Showmen and the RFC, by Guy Warner

Pioneers, Showmen and the RFC, by Guy Warner
Subtitled 'Early Aviation in Ireland 1909-1914'

Book published by Colourpoint in 2016, 160 pages. Large paperback - c.21cm by 26cm (N8250X1
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From the rear side cover: This is the story of a fascinating period in Irish and aviation history, told, in part, through the words of those who were actually there. Fully illustrated from contemporary sources, we read about the pioneers and adventurers who were designing and building flying machines during the years between Harry Ferguson's first flight and the outbreak of the First World War. We also meet many lesser known personalities such as Lilian Bland, the first woman to design, build and fly her own aeroplane.

We hear of the first attempts to cross the Irish Sea, including those that met with tragic consequences; the first flying displays that thrilled the crowds at county shows; the first large aviation meeting in Ireland at Leopardstown Racecourse; the 'Great Race' from Dublin to Belfast; and the visiting airman who met with disaster at Balmoral in Belfast. .

As the First World War loomed, it was inevitable that the aeroplane would be adapted for warfare. In 1913 six aeroplanes from the Royal Flying Corps flew to Ireland to take part in a major exercise across several counties, to test their capabilities in a reconnaissance role. Written by a leading aviation historian, Guy Warner, and with a wealth of unseen photographs and much new research, this book reveals another part of Ireland's hidden history.