Pierre Ceresole - Passionate Peacemaker, by Daniel Anet

Pierre Ceresole - Passionate Peacemaker, by Daniel Anet
Pierre Ceresole - Passionate Peacemaker, by Daniel Anet

Paperback published by Macmillan of India in 1974, 171 pages. (S8295QWSO)

From the rear side cover: Pierre Ceres ole's was a life lived constructively as a sign of , contradiction'. He was one of hose exceedingly rare individuals who' force us to reverse our scale of values. Pierre Ceresole was drawn unfailingly to what is true and just, regardless of the risk to himself, and was driven by an intense desire to face life with total integrity.

The miracle of Ceresole was not that his passion for peace was so intense, but that it never flagged. It came from the very source of his being. He was possessed by the passion for peace as Che Guevara was by the passion for revolution. Ceresole wanted not to acquire and possess the truth, but to be himself at the very heart of truth. Throughout his life and in all his thoughts, Pierre Ceresole's watchword was Vivre sa Verite (to live his truth).

The subtle and growing militarism of modern society constitutes one of the most serious threats to man's future. Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others were led by this conviction to follow the path of active non-violence, Pierre Ceresole, seeing the invisible, wanted to give body and form to the new order. And so he launched the Service Civil International....

The condition of the book is generally a little poor, but is perfect as a reading copy or reference for study. The cover has several scuffs and blemishes, and light nibbling and wear along the edges, and there is some bumping in the top and bottom left hand corners. Inside, the spine is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is an old price sticker (85p!) and a small owners label, both on the rear side cover.
Condition New