Oshkosh M1070 Series - Britain's Fifth Generation Tank Transporter, by Pat Ware

Oshkosh M1070 Series - Britain's Fifth Generation Tank Transporter, by Pat Ware
Published by Military Trucks Archive in 2021, 98 pages. Softback - c.21cm by 29.5cm (N8305)

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Based on the US Army's M1070 heavy equipment transporter, which had started to enter service in 1992, the Oshkosh M1070F was intended to replace the magnificent, but ageing, Scammell Commander. Work on the vehicle had effectively started back in 1998, when a total of seven expectant consortia had bid, hoping to win the £300 million PFI contract. This was the first time that a defence contract had been let under the so-called 'Private Finance Initiative', a Covernment scheme that allowed 'off balance sheet' capital expenditure.

The contract originally called for the provision of 120 transporters and semi-trailers, although this was subsequently cut to 92 with an option for the additional 28, which was never exercised, together with 85 fully-trained sponsored reservists who would operate alongside regular army personnel. By 2001, the number of bidders had been whittled down to just two ... Oshkosh, with an up-engined version of the M1070, and Alvis Unipower with an eight-wheeled HET variant of their M Series. Although very different in concept, the two trucks were pitched head-to-head over a trials period that covered almost two years. Finally, in December 2001, it was announced that the contract had been awarded to the Fasttrax consortium, with the trucks supplied by Oshkosh. Deliveries of the M1070F started in 2003...

The book is illustrated throughout with black and white photographs