Opel Blitz 3-Tonner, by Jochen Vollert

Opel Blitz 3-Tonner, by Jochen Vollert

Subtitled 'The Most Famous Truck of the Wehrmacht and its Variants'

Published by Tankograd in 2016, 80 pages. Large A4 size softback, with dual English/German text (N6486)

Brand New Book

From the rear side cover: When asked for the most famous and best-known truck of the German Wehrmacht in World War Two, the name 'Opel Blitz' automatically comes up. Despite all its fame the background of its purchase, the military versions and the impressed civilian types, were hitherto not well documented. The three production models and the many variants and different body-types of the backbone of German road-based supply during the war were not very well known. This publication now grants a deeper look into the Opel Blitz story. Both in written and comprehensive pictorial form the unique truck design and its derivatives are shown here in unprecedented detail.

The book is packed full with black and white photographs showing the vehicles themselves, all with captions in dual English and German text.

Condition New