Old Monkton, by Alex F. Young

Old Monkton, by Alex F. Young
Published by Stenlake in 2019, 48 pages. Rectangular Paperback - 17cm by 24cm (N7215)

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This Ayrshire village has its origins as a staging point in the days of horse coaches. The Industrial Revolution passed it by, but the birth of commercial aviation in the shape of the adjacent Prestwick Airport nearly consumed it when Ayrshire’s chief planner of the early 1950s, doubtless utilising ideas from the newish science of urban planning, was in favour of discouraging new development so that the village would decay then could be cleared for airport expansion and the remaining residents forcibly moved off to Symington. Happily, the planner did not get his was and the village is still extant. This illustrated history includes photos of Townhead Farm’s round horse-engine house, the Witches Stone, camping and caravan sites back in the day, as well as street scenes and other Monkton landmarks.

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