Old Eston and Normanby, by Paul Chrystal

Old Eston and Normanby, by Paul Chrystal
Published by Stenlake in 2019, 48 pages. Rectangular Paperback - 17cm by 24cm (N7213)
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Eston & Normanby are conjoined and part of the Middlesbrough conurbation in what is now known as Cleveland (but which was once part of the old county of North Yorkshire). These small towns owe their existence tot he local ironstone industry which at its Victorian height was producing a million tons a year. In fact there had been an old village of Eston prior to the discovery of ironstone but with a massive influx of thousands of workers a new town sprung up quickly, one area being named California to reflect that place’s 1849 gold rush despite the lack of comparable sunshine or surf. By 1890, there was an architecturally harmonious town featuring all the usual Victorian social and religious buildings plus in 1893 a floating isolation hospital at the jetty. The Normanby section includes street scenes and townscapes, the brick and tile works, the school, ‘Tittybottle’ Park, the sanatorium and more.

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