No Coward Soul - Jack Nalty 1902-1938, by Steve Nugent

No Coward Soul - Jack Nalty 1902-1938, by Steve Nugent
No Coward Soul - Jack Nalty 1902-1938, by Steve Nugent

Published by FireHorse in 2003, 83 pages. Square(ish) paperback - c.21cm by 23cm (N6010PE)

Illustrated throughout with lots of small colour and black and white photographs, this short book provides a fascintating account of Jack Nalty's experiences in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Jack was a volunteer fighting in the International Brigade, and this book follows his activities during the conflict, as well as providing an account of other volunteers in the Brigade and the wider events of the war.

From the rear cover: I have on one memory of my uncle Jack. He was carrying me on his shoulders, running up and down stairs at his home in Convent Avenue, Dublin, probably not long before he left for Spain at the end of 1936. I can still recall that feeling of joy and energy and exhilaration that I experienced.

In December 1936, Jack Natty joined the International Brigade which was then attempting to stem the flood of fas­cism sweeping through Spain. He had left behind him a per­sonal history of military, political and social struggle in Ireland, never hesitating to break the rules in his search for his own liberty and for that of others. In Spain, he entered an arena of vicious civil war, his enemy supported by massive European dictatorships poised to eradicate democracy.

This biography pays memorial tribute to a man of courage and infinite determination who was killed in September 1938 in a land not hisown, still fighting for principles of freedom and justice.

Condition of the book is generally very good. The cover has one or two very minor scuffs but is clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.
Condition New