Nineteenth Century Railway Schemes in the Middle Darent Valley

Nineteenth Century Railway Schemes in the Middle Darent Valley

Nineteenth Century Railway Schemes in the Middle Darent Valley, by W.G. Duncombe 

Published by the Farningham & Eynsford Local History Society in 2007, 33 pages. A4 Size Booklet (N3585)

This fascinating booklet gives a short summary of the parliamentary procedure and a good summary of the various proposals, and includes several maps showing proposed railway lines and routes

The condition of the booklet is generally excellent. The cover is clean and tidy, the staple spine is intact and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.

In 1845, the Great Kent Atmospheric Railway had another proposal again from Deptford via Bromley, the Darent Valley, Otford and on to Dover, and two years later the South Eastern Railway Company proposed a Mid Kent and Tonbridge line.

By the 1850's the Darent Valley had a number of local industries, and the idea was prposed for a Dartford-Sevenoaks Railway with the possibility of a deep water quay and/or a tunnel to the London-Tilbury Railway. But shortly afterwards the London and Chatham line was constructed with a station at Farningham Road, and so a line to London seemed a better proposal. In addition, the proposed Sevenoaks Railway (made in 1852) was finally built from Sevenoaks Junction (now Swanley Junction) to Sevenoaks, and the Railway link to Dartford was again proposed and consent given in 1875 (but it was never built). After the passing of the Light Railway Act, several other proposals were made but never followed up.

Between the years 1836 to 1875 a number of railway proposals were made relating to the Middle Darent Valley (in Kent). In 1836 the Central Kent Railway proposed a line from the Greenwich Railway at Deptford through the parishes of Bexley, the Crays, Sutton at Hone and the Darent Valley to Otford and on to the Mallings, Maidstone, Charing, Canterbury, Sandwich with docks to Sandown Castle.

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