Minchinhampton Memories, by Maureen Reader

Minchinhampton Memories, by Maureen Reader
Published by Amberley in 2010, 144 pages. Paperback (N7326)

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From the rear side cover: Countless members of this valued community have been questioned, and everyone from the butcher at Taylors to the Parish Councillor have added their piece to the rich tapestry of Minchinhampton s heritage. The stories featured are as varied as the people who live in the village, from a humorous tale of one resident almost bumping into a cow on his way to work on Minchinhampton Common, to the wonderful theatrical productions of the 1970s, which attracted people from miles around. This book will be of interest to anyone who knows and loves this very special corner of the Cotswolds

The book will thus
delight anyone who has lived or grown up in the town, as well as people with a more general interest in the social history of this part of the Cotswolds and beyond...