Memories of Intwood and Keswick

Memories of Intwood and Keswick

Memories of Intwood and Keswick

Book published by the Cringleford Historical Society in 2001, 109 pages. Paperback (N4056P1)

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Intwood and Keswick are small villages in Norfolk, both situated a few miles south of Norwich. This book provides a fascinating account of the local history of the villages over recent decades, and chapters include:

  • People in the villages
  • Life in the villages
  • Farming
  • War
  • Transport
  • The Unthanks and Intwood Hall
  • Keswick Old Hall
  • Keswick New Hall
  • and more!

From the opening paragraph of the foreword: We hope that this short history will be of interest and that the memories of people who lived in or near Keswick and Intwood will give a recognizable picture of some aspects of their life in the villages during the twentieth century....

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