Marines from the Medway - The Story Behind their Memorials in the Medway Towns, by Brian Edwards

Marines from the Medway - The Story Behind their Memorials in the Medway Towns, by Brian Edwards
Book privately published by the Royal Marines Historical Society in 1998. 132 pages. Spiral bound A5 size booklet (N6883)

From the introduction: Commissioned in September 1945 and appointed to Chatham Division, the logic of service life ensured that I joined at Eastney and spent the next two years on training courses in numerous locations in England, Scotland and Wales, without setting foot in my parent Division. In the Autumn of 1947 this was rectified when I arrived in Chatham to await posting to a ship.

The appointment came in less than two months and was predictably to a Plymouth ship. The commission in the Mediterranean lasted two years and was followed by a posting to Browndown; a little over a year later the Barracks closed. As a result I never saw Chatham again until 1993, when visiting the Royal Engineers' Museum on behalf of my father. On that occasion attempts to find some reminder of my parent Division were brief and unsuccessful; it was then that I determined to search out what memorials might remain in the towns on the Medway that might give a glimpse of our predecessors, who had served there for some two hundred years.

My aim has been to research and record memorials that might otherwise pass notice, decay away or be lost, and to place them in the context of the subject's life and times and of the events recorded. This publication is the result of a study lasting some two or three years. It is not definitive and, though it is hopefully historically accurate, there are possibly, even probably, errors of fact or interpretation, which are of course my own.
Sections in the booklet include:

Chatham and the Dockyard Church.
St Mary's Church, Chatham
Rochester Cathedral.
St Margaret's, Rochester.
Fort Pitt.
Sheerness and the Docky.ard Church.
St George's, Pembroke.

The condition of the booklet is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the plastic spiral binding is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.