Malaya 1941-42 (The Royal Leicestershire Regiment and The East Surrey Regiment)

Malaya 1941-42 (The Royal Leicestershire Regiment and The East Surrey Regiment)
Privately printed booklet - c.20cm by 27cm. 27 pages (S8162WSOU3)

From the introduction: The story of the disastrous campaign in Malaya in 1941 and 1942 is recorded in the official histories and a number of other books. This account, based on the Regimental Histories of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment and The East Surrey Regiment, is a shortened version of the campaign and is confined to the operations in which our soldiers took part.

The reasons for our defeat in Malaya have been examinedby military historians and form no part of this narrative. The aftermath of the surrender at Singapore on 15th February 1942 was harrowing years as prisoners of war of the Japanese. These, too, are not described, although there were many instances of our soldiers' heroism, fortitude and comradeship in appalling conditions.

This account, which includes contributions by some of the officers and soldiers who were there, seeks to record what it was like to be an infantry soldier in the Malayan Campaign.
Contents include:

Arrival of the 2nd Bn The East
Surrey Regiment in Malaya
outbreak of Hostilities
The Battle of Jitra
The Battle of Gurun
Formation of the British Battalion
The Battle of Kampar
Withdrawal to Klaung
The Actions at Batu pahat
Withdrawal to Singapore Island
Preparation of the defences of
Japanese invasion of the Island
The last phase of the campaign
A D Company 2 Surreys under command of 1/8 Punjab Regiment
B The Battle of Gurun. Extracts from L't Abbott's diary
C The Withdrawal to Singapore as recalled by Pte Ruoff
D Singapore to Sumatra In Feb. 1942
E The last days of the fighting at Singapore by Pte Ruoff
F The Commanding Officer of the British Battalion
G The Medical Officer of the British Battalion
H The Padre

The condition of the booklet is generally ok. The cover has several scuffs and blemishes, and nibbling and wear along the edges and corners, and there is some yellowing and creasing to the inside page edges. All pages, however, remain intact.
Condition New