Making Adjustment Work for the Poor - A Framework for Policy Reform in Africa (World Bank 1991)

Making Adjustment Work for the Poor - A Framework for Policy Reform in Africa (World Bank 1991)

A World Bank Study.

Published by the World Bank in 1991, 141 pages. Paperback - c.21cm by 27cm (S8295FWSO)

The contents include:

The meaning of adjustment
The policy problem
An outline of the book
Macroeconomic disequilibrium:
The causes of macroeconomic disequilibrium
Policy sequences in Africa
An analytical framework
Adjustment policies in Africa and their macro effects
An orthodox framework for analyzing meso effects
An alternative framework: adjustment with unemployment
The growth factor
The determinants of welfare:
Individual welfare
The economy of the household
Analyzing household behavior
The distribution of welfare within households
Household expenditures
Interactions between households
The meaning and measurement of poverty
The effects of destabilization and adjustment on households:
Household incomes under macroeconomic disequilibrium
A framework for considering the household effects of adjustment
Other aspects of household welfare effects
Data and analysis implications:
Structural adjustment, income distribution, and data analysis
Statistical initiatives in Africa
A hierarchical information system
Information requirements at the macro level
Information requirements at the meso level
Information requirements at the micro level
Toward macro-meso-micro analysis
Macroeconomic modeling
Macro-meso modeling
Meso-micro analysis
Strategic policy issues:
Social interventions and economic distortions
Implications of the conceptual framework
Poverty and vulnerability
Defining target groups for policy purposes:
Designing poverty-sensitive adjustment programs
Overall fiscal and monetary balance
The public finance strategy
Monetary and financial policy
Exchange rate policies
Trade policies
Policies toward self-employment
Policies toward wage employment

The condition of the book is generally good. The covers have several minor scuffs, and light wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound.