Lost in Training - The Final Hours of Lancaster L7575, by Harry Green

Lost in Training - The Final Hours of Lancaster L7575, by Harry Green

Lost in Training - The Final Hours of Lancaster L7575, by Harry Green

Published by Woodfield in 2008 161 pages. Paperback (N5914)

From the rear side cover: Most second world war books about Bomber Command deal with the experiences of the men who went into combat and usually skip lightly over their period of training. This book is different...

It's the story of seven men who "never fired a shot in anger". They had under­ taken all the trials and tribulations of training and were about to enter the air campaign over Berlin in late 1943, a time when the casualty rate in Bomber Command was at its highest (in fact, many who trained alongside them would lose their lives in combat shortly afterwards). But the seven crewmembers of Lancaster L7575 gave their lives just the same, and became part of a shocking statistic - the 5,327 airmen killed during aircrew training in World War II.

The War brought together men from different countries and backgrounds; men who, in normal circumstances, would never have met. This is the story of seven such men, their family backgrounds, their training and how they even­tually got together as a crew to fly an aircraft.

It is also the story of the aircraft they flew on that last night of their lives, Lancaster L7575, and the famous mission in which it had previously taken part; of the ground crew who serviced it and the indispensable role they played and of the rescue services who did so much in the most difficult of circum­stances. We learn what the men did with their time off, on the bases, visiting local towns and on leave and of the Hertfordshire village of Colney Heath, that for one dismal autumn night was struck by the horror of war, to the eternal grief of one particular family and the lasting memory of many others.

Then there's the mysterious cause of the accident. How far can we rely on the official report - or was there an entirely different reason?

Finally, this book is dedicated to the unsung heroes of Bomber Command - those who died during the training process. They must never be forgotten. They gave their lives and should be remembered along with the rest. This is the story of seven such men ...

The condition of the book is generally excellent. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is tight and intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is a small price sticker on the rear side cover

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