Looking Ahead - A Plan for Youth (September 1942)

Looking Ahead - A Plan for Youth (September 1942)
Full title: "Looking Ahead, A Plan for Youth, Being the second interim report (the 14 to 18 Age Group) of the Conservative Sub-Committee on Education.

Pamphlet published by the Central Committee on Post War Reconstruction set up by the Conservative and Unionist Party, in September 1942. 18 pages. Pamphlet - c.13.5cm by 21.5cm (S8295WSO)

From the first inside page: In October, 1941, a Central Committee on Post-War Problems was set up by the Conservative and Unionist Party Organization to survey and report to the Leader of the Party on the many new political, social and economic problems created by the war. 

The Committee approached its task on the assumption that the great political parties have all something to contribute to the common pool of wisdom and experience that will be needed to rebuild a battered Britain in a shattered world. 

A number of sub-Committees were appointed, composed mainly of members who had specialized in the subjects under consideration. They were given wide terms of reference and were left free to tackle their problems with open minds and without regard to the Party's pre-war policies. They were required to produce neither final solutions nor com­petitive political programmes, but rather to seek to establish sound foundations for the measures of national reconstruction which it will be necessary to introduce when, or before, victory has been won. Their surveys ,and recommendations will be embodied in a series of reports. This pamphlet contains the second interim report of the Educational Sub-Committee. 

The condition of the pamphlet is very poor, but is fine as a reading copy or reference for study. The cover has several scuffs and blemishes, and creases, wear and discoloration along the edges and corners, but the staple spine is intact and all pages are intact and bound. There is a name in pen along the top of the front cover.