Locomotive Boilers for the Twenty-First Century, by Alan J Haigh

Locomotive Boilers for the Twenty-First Century, by Alan J Haigh

Locomotive Boilers for the Twenty-First Century, by Alan J Haigh

Published by Xpress, 64 pages. Large A4 size softback (N4971P2)

From the introduction: Steam operated railways continue to grow in popularity with developing Heritage lines and main line specials. Unfortunately these are mainly operated by very old steam locomotives. The most extensive part of these old locomotives are the boilers which are of outdated design and construction needing to be constantly rebuilt to keep in a safe and workable order. Additionally there is a growing interest in building new locomotives of extinct types that have not been preserved. As a result it is likely that new locomotive boilers will increasingly require to be built over the coming years. Chapters include:

  • History of Locomotive Boilers
  • Types of Construction
  • Options for building new locomotive boilers
  • Design Data required
  • Option 1 - Using the existing design with minimal changes
  • Option 2 - Conventional redesign but retaining pressings
  • Option 3 - Conventional redesign with all welded joints
  • Option 4 Radical redesign with water wall firebox
  • History of boiler designs without stayed fireboxes
  • Option 5 - Radical redesign based upon Brotan - Defner boiler
  • Other boiler designs
  • Materials, connections and attachments
  • Oil firing
  • New weled boilers
  • Superheaters
  • Approval and certification

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