Lincoln's Excavators, The Ruston-Bucyrus Years 1970-1985, by Peter Robinson

Lincoln's Excavators, The Ruston-Bucyrus Years 1970-1985, by Peter Robinson
Published by Roundoak in 2013, 335 pages. Rectangular Hardback with Dust Jacket - 21cm by 28cm (N7896)

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From the inside front fly leaf: Volume two of Lincoln's Excavators described the creation of the Lincoln company of Ruston-Bucyrus Limited formed in 1930 when the American excavator and crane company Bucyrus­ Erie Co. acquired the excavator business of Ruston & Hornsby which was already established at the Excavator Works in Lincoln.

At the outset, the new company of Ruston­ Bucyrus under dual ownership used BE designs adapted for their own markets. However, increasing demand from their own customers - as BE designs failed to meet their requirements - kept the design and development team at the Excavator Works continually busy with their own line of cranes and excavators.

In this fourth and final volume of 'Lincoln's Excavators', we see throughout the 1960s and '70s at the Ruston-Bucyrus Excavator Works, the increasing use of modern techniques in the manufacturing processes, the materials used, and in the design of the excavators themselves.
Chapters include:

The 71-RB
The First RB 480-W Walking Dragline
The 61-RB
On the Motorway
The last 5-W Walking Dragline
The Cranes
The Transit Cranes
The Test Department
Hard Times at the Excavator Works
The Hydrocrances
The 190-4 Dynahoe
The RB 195-B Mining Shovel
Factory Expansion
The 1260-W Walking Dragline
Marine Cranes
The 380-W Walking Dragline
The Royal Visit
The Final Chapter