Life on the Somerset Levels, by Tony Anderson

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Life on the Somerset Levels, by Tony Anderson

Life on the Levels, Voices from a Working World, by Tony Anderson, with photographs by Chris Willoughby

Published by Birlinn, 164 pages. Large Hardback with Dust Jacket (N3304)

The Moors and Levels of Somerset are still home to practices and professions that are particular to the unique landscape of the place. Lying in a bowl of hills bounded by the sea, and crossed by a network of rivers, ditches, dikes, canals and rhynes, these lowlands are defined by water and by flood. The farmers, fishermen, peat diggers, withy-growers, basket makers and cider makers in this area have all inherited traditions that were evolved over many years by Celts and Saxons, abbots and noblemen, commoners and landowners.

Illustrated with evocative photographs of the landscape and its people, this book presents the voices of local people talking about their memories of a now-threatened way of life. The book is both a study and a celebration of the men and women whose lives have always been lived to the rhythm of life on the levels.

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