Leopard 2A4, Cold War Hero, by Ralph Zwilling

Leopard 2A4, Cold War Hero, by Ralph Zwilling
Published by Tankograd in 2015, 96 pages. Large rectangular softback - c.21cm by 29.5cm. (N7047)

Brand New Book

Published by reknown military vehicle publisher Tankograd, this booklet provides a fascinating pictorial account of the Leopard 2A4 Main Battle Tank, and it is packed full with over 200 colour photographs showing the tanks themselves, as well as numerous close ups of specific parts. All the photographs are accompanied by detailed captions, and all text is in dual German/English.
This publication offers a highly detailed walk-around the Bundeswehr’s Cold War hero, the 2A4 variant of the Leopard main battle tank family. 221 colour photos on 96 pages and a comprehensive introduction grant a fantastic look at the technical aspects of this tank. Aside from the hull and turret, the interior and the engine compartment are also covered in great detail...