Leopard 2 - Maintenance, by Jochen Vollert

Leopard 2 - Maintenance, by Jochen Vollert
Published by Tankograd in 2013, 96 pages. Large rectangular softback - c.21cm by 29.5cm. (N7045)

Brand New Book

Published by reknown military vehicle publisher Tankograd, this booklet provides a fascinating pictorial account of the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, and focuses on issues to do with maintenance and repair. The book is packed full with over 220 colour photographs showing the tanks themselves, as well as numerous close ups of specific parts, and all photos are accompanied by captions in dual German/English.
Introduced in the middle of the Cold War, the Leopard 2 main battle tanks became the successor of the Leopard 1 MBT in 1979. From the day of its introduction the Leopard 2's design turned out to be the milestone of post-war German tank technology. The past years and decades saw quite a number of publications covering the Leopard 2's development, more or less detailed illustrating the various production batches. The background of this present book is therefore not to tell a well-known story all over again, but to focus on a particular aspect and highlight it to a hitherto unknown degree of detail: Maintenance and Repair. The pictorial walkarounds aim at showing the tank is various stages of disassembly as carried out in the using units on company and battalion level. Among the procedures shown are track removal, removing the turret and the engine or dismantling the add-on armour components. These works are usually not accessible to the public but thus highlight certain design aspects of the tank that might be interesting to enthusiasts and modellers but not available in other sources. Training systems, storage facilities, halls and tools are also investigated....