Knowledge of Evil, by Alyson Brown and David Barrett

Knowledge of Evil, by Alyson Brown and David Barrett
Knowledge of Evil - Child Prostitution and Child Sexual Abuse in Twentieth Century England, by Alyson Brown and David Barrett

Published by Willan in 2002, 212 pages, Hardback (S8295BWSO)

From the rear side cover: This book aims to document and analyse the enduring involvement of children in the commercial sex trade in twentieth-century England. It uncovers new evidence to indicate the extent of under-age prostitution over this period, a much-neglected subject despite the increased visibility of children more generally.

The authors argue that child prostitution needs to be understood within a broader context of child abuse, and that this provides one of the clearest manifestations of the way in which 'deviant groups' can be conceived of as both victims and threats. The picture of child prostitution which emerges is one of exclusion from mainstream society and the law, and remoteness from the agencies set up to help young people in trouble, which were often reluctant to accept the realities of child prostitution. The evidence provided in this book indicates that the circumstances which have led young people into prostitution over the last hundred years amount, at worst, to physical or psychological abuse or neglect, and were at best the result of limited choice.

Alyson Brown is currently Lecturer in Criminology and Social History at the University of Luton, and has carried out research on prostitution, and also on prison disturbances. David Barrett is Dean of the Faculty of Health Care and Social Science at.the University of Luton, and is a leading authority on the subject of child and youth prostitution.

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