Jolly George Press

The Jolly George Press is our publishing label, and we aim to publish interesting books and booklets on political and historical subjects as diverse as the Irish Struggle for independence and the Spanish Civil War. All Jolly George titles can be viewed and bought by clicking here.

Our newest title is 'Memories of the Spanish Civil War' by Frank Ellis, and this booklet is available to purchase from the website - simply click on the photograph below and have a look.

Frank was a working class lad from Nottinghamshire who joined the International Brigades and fought against fascism during the Spanish Civil War. In this booklet he provides some fascinating personal recollections of his experiences, including how he travelled to Spain through France and over the Pyrenees, the training he received when he got there, and the equipment they were given. He describes listening to Harry Pollitt under the Orange groves of Aragon, he tackles the internal divisions in the left that erupted in Barcelona in May 1937, and he even mentions the poor quality of military rations! Frank was a lifelong communist and trade unionist, and this short account provides an insight into one man’s experiences during that momentous conflict.

Other titles published by Jolly George Press include 'Glimpses of an Irish Felon's Prison Life', by Thomas J. Clarke, and this is also available to purchase on the website.

If you have any questions concerning Jolly George Press titles, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would also love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for future Jolly George Press titles, or if you yourself have a story to tell that you think other people might be interested in!