Ironbridge Gorge Through Time, by John Powell

Ironbridge Gorge Through Time, by John Powell

Published by Amberley in 2011, 96 pages. Paperback (N7860)

Brand New Book

This book is a unique insight into the illustrious history of this part of the country, which is reproduced here in full colour. Looking beyond the exquisite exterior of these well-kept photos, readers can see the historical context in which they are set, and through the author's factual captions for every picture, and carefully-selected choice of images, the reader can achieve a real sense of the gorge's importance to the early industrialists. There is something for everyone here, whether they have lived in the area all their lives, or whether they are just visiting for the first time. Ironbridge Gorge Through Time also shows how photography has continually evolved to keep up with an ever changing society.

The book will delight anyone who has lived or grown up in Ironbridge, as well as people with a more general interest in the social and indistrial history of this part of Shropshire and beyond....