Integration of Women in Development, by Ester Boserup and Christina Liljencrantz

Integration of Women in Development, by Ester Boserup and Christina Liljencrantz
Published by the United Nations Development Programme in 1975, 42 pages. A5 size booklet (S8295BKWSO)
From the second page: The movement for equal rights for women has been underway for a long time and has, by now, resulted in widespread abolition of legal barriers to women's participation in the affairs of modern society. Nevertheless, even where full legal rights exist, the unspoken traditional bias against women tends to persist. Moreover, it tends to become pronounced in the course of development. 

In its attempts to deal with this situation, which entails both waste of resources and a great deal of unnecessary human misery, UNDP has become convinced that the problem is so poorly understood that it is often impossible to even begin a discussion of what can be done to involve women more actively and more productively in the development process. The present booklet attempts to explain how and why women's participation in development presents a special problem and to make proposals for how to approach it.
Contents include:

Why-the Nature Of The Problem 
Women's Role In Rural Societies 
Women And Land Reform 
Agricultural Vocational Training 
Migration And Unemployment 
Women's Role In Urban Societies 
Female Industries 
Male Industries 
Means To Improve Women's Incomes 
Women's Role At Different Stages Of Development - The Persistence Of Traditions And Attitudes 
When-a Matter Of Economics And Education 
Population And Health 
Literacy And Education 
Education And Employment 
Training For Urban Jobs 
Policy For Female Participation 
How-proposals For Action 
Legislative And Administrative Measures 
Research, Data Collection And Analysis 
Need For Coordinated Long-term Programmes 
Rural Programmes 
Small-scale Business Programmes 
Communications And Mass Media 

The condition of the booklet is generally good. The cover has one or two minor scuffs, and some light wear along the edges and corners, but the spine is intact and all pages are intact, unblemished and tightly bound. There is a tiny amount of wear around the top staple where the front cover has begun to come away.