Industrial Gwynedd - Volume 3

Industrial Gwynedd - Volume 3

Booklet published by Plateway Press in 1998, 52 pages. Large booklet - c. 21cm by 27cm (N6965CHX1)

This booklet contains 5 essays on the industrial history of Gwynedd in Wales. Please note that 4 of the essays are in English, and 1 of the essays is in Welsh. The booklet is illustrated throughout with several black and white photographs.

From the introduction: The people of Wales have recently assumed a new set of responsibilities by electing an Assembly with powers covering a wide range of issues, including heritage. What implications this will have for the promotion and study of industrial history remains to be seen...

Within the last few years, much has been lost in Gwynedd alone, and more is at risk if we persist in seeing the remains of industry exclusively in terms either of capital return or as derelict sites....

Wales is a community of communities, with strong, often divergent, often inter-related traditions of industry and work, as well as of language and cultural identity. The economic and technical self-sufficiency of Gwynedd­-Mon-Aberconwy in the nineteenth century underlies the region's strong sense of itself now, in the last years of the twentieth; our best hope for the future is to understand the local forces, industrialisation amongst them, that have shaped us in our history. Contents include:

Y gyllell fach, by Steffan ab Owain (Welsh text)
Slate Workers in Wales, France and the United States, by Merfyn Jones and Jill Lovecy (English text)
Broad Gauge Rolling Stock at Holyhead Breakwater, by Ian Manning (English text)
A Painting of Dorothea Quarry, by Gwynfor Pierce Jones and Peter Lord (English text)
Ynys y Pandy Slate Mill: an Archaeological Excavation, byMichael Lewis (English text)

The condition of the book is generally very good. The covers have one or two very minor scuffs but are clean and bright, the staple spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound. The booklet does have light spine roll along the left hand edge.