HMS Mauritius 1940-1944

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HMS Mauritius 1940-1944
 H.M.S. Mauritius

Published by Stephen and Pollock in 1945, 96 pages. Small Paperback (S7049WSO)

HMS Mauritius was a crown colony-class light cruiser that served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. She was built by Swan Hunter in the Newcastle shipyards, and entered service in 1941, and this book records her exploits during the conflict. Chapters include:

Joining Ship
On the Job
Those Thousands of Miles
From Steam to Stern
Places we have been to and some people we have met
Sport and recreation
Postscript - June 1944

From the forword by William Davis: I believe it can be truly said that during her first three and a half years war service the Mauritius has been a lucky ship. Whilst the first two and a half years of this service were not perhaps spectacular in the sense that the ships activities were headline news, much useful work was done, and more important still, the foundations were laid which proved of such value during a period of prolonged operational activity in the Mediterranean and in the English Channel. The Mauritius provided close support for the landings in Sicily, on the mainland of Italy, at the Anzio Bridgehead, and on the coast of Normandy...

The condition of the book is generally poor. The cover has several scuffs and blemishes, and some light nibbling along the edges and corners, and their are tears along the top and bottom of the outside spine - along the top edge there is a small 8mm nic, and along the bottom a 3cm tear running up the spine. Inside their is an inscription in pencil on the first page, and foxing to the inside covers and first and last few pages. In addition, their is considerable yellowing to the pages throughout, and a darker yellow blemishing across the bottom right hand corner of the first 40 or so pages. One of the plate photograph pages has become loose and completely detached (between pages 34 and 35), and the spine is split between pages 94 and 94. Their is also a large tear running half way across the middle of page 93.
Condition New