Highland Railway Carriages and Wagons, by Peter Tatlow

Highland Railway Carriages and Wagons, by Peter Tatlow

Published by Noodle Books in association with the Highland Railway Society in 2014, 200. Large Hardback - c.21.5cm by 28cm (N6873)

Brand New Book

It is now more than 90 years since the Highland Railway ceased to exist as an independent railway. Since that time countless railway and train books have been produced, but there are still gaps, one major omission being the rolling stock of the Highland Railway. Renowned railway historian Peter Tatlow now fills that gap with a detailed and learned work incorporating all the available information that it has been possible to gather and is published in conjunction with the Highland Railway Society. As an independent concern, the Highland Railway acquired its rolling stock from a variety of sources, those that survived after 1923 being incorporated into the mighty LMS. Even so, some vehicles lingered on well after that date and these too are shown in the style of their new owners.

The book is illustrated throughout with black and white photographs, drawings and line diagrams.