Hampton 100 Years Ago, by John Sheaf

Hampton 100 Years Ago, by John Sheaf
Hampton 100 Years Ago, by John Sheaf, subtitled 'A description of the roads and buildings in 1911 - 1912'

Booklet published by the Twickenham Local History Society, 130 pages. Paperback (N6152X1)

From the introduction: This book attempts to build up a picture of the layout of Hampton and to describe the roads that existed a century ago. Sections include:

Hampton in 1911 and 1912
Maps (including Hampton South West, Hampton South East, Hampton North West and Hampton North East)
Main Roads (including Church St, Hampton Court Rd, High St, Station Rd, Thames St Upper Sunbury Road, & Uxbridge Rd)
The Marling Park (Tangley Park) Estate (including Acacia Road, Broad Lane, Marlborough Road, Nightingale Road, Oak Avenue, Old Farm Road, Percy Road, and The Avenue)
Buckingham Estate (including Buckingham Road, and Hanworth Road)
River Hill Estate (including Avenue Road, Belgrade Road, Plevna Road, Varna Road)
Stain Hill Park, including Kempton Road
Manor House (Manor Park) Estate (including Barlow Road, Gloucester Road, Ormond Avenue, Tudor Road (& Tudor Avenue), and Wensleydale Road
Wolsey Estate, including Chestnut Avenue
The Oldfield Area (including Ashley Road, Linden Road, Malvern Road, Milton Road, Oldfield Road, Priory Road)
The Newfield Area, including Holly Bush Lane
Heathfield Estate, including Coombe Road/South Road
Rosehill Estate, including Beard's Hill and Rosehill
Others, including Courtlands Avenue, Tagg's Island, and Warfield Road

Condition of the book is generally very good. The covers are clean and bright, the spine is intact and all pages are clean, unblemished and tightly bound. The title page has been clipped across the bottom right hand corner, and this has caused a very small amount of text loss on the reverse side (this text describes the photograph shown on the front cover).
Condition New