Gunter Field Alabama, Army Air Forces Basic Flying School

Gunter Field Alabama, Army Air Forces Basic Flying School
Rectangular booklet, c.21.5cm by 17.5cm, 32 pages, published by E.M. Berry of Houston Texas in around 1942. (WSO8147U3)

Gunter Field is an airfield in Alabama, and during the Second World War it was in use by the Army Air Force as a basic flying school. This booklet is a collection of black and white photographs showing the trainees, the buildings and sites in the airfield, and a few of the actual aircraft themselves. The last inside page of the booklet is left over for 'autographs', where trainees could get their fellow cadets to sign their names. This page has been filled with the signatures (in pen) of trainees, and alongside their names they have put where they are from (from as far afield as Scotland, Surrey, North London, Ohio, New Jersey, and New York!). In the middle of the page is presumably the name of the person whose booklet this was - he has written in pen 'Eric C. Bishop, E Squadron, Sept + Oct 1942'.

From the introduction on the front inside cover:
Gunter Field was the first basic flying school activated in the Southeast Army Air Forces Training Center. The field, coming into being on August 27, 1940, was named in honor of William Adams Gunter, Mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, for 27 years. It was through his patriotism and interest in military aviation that the municipal airport was turned over to the Army Air Forces for use as a military post.

The first class of aviation cadets reported for basic training on on November 28, 1940, Five weeks after this first class, the second class began their training in the basic phases of flying. Ever since that time, at five week intervals, aviation cadets have entered Gunter's gates, received their training, and "graduated into advanced flying schools,from there to win their wings.

On the following pages you will se Gunter Field as it appears today - its men, its planes, its buildings. You will see pilots anf cadets in the skies, men preparing for combat. You will see mechanics, the men behind the man in the sky. You will see soldiers at work, at play, living in their Army home, fulfilling, their patriotic duty, preparing themselves and others for battle in the clouds.

The condition of the booklet is generally poor, but is perfect as a reading copy or reference for study. The cover has lots of minor scuffs and blemishes, and nibbling, creasing and wear along the edges and corners, and there is light rusting around the staples, but the staple binding is intact, and all pages are intact and bound. There is yellowing and some light creasing to some inside page edges and corners.
Condition New