Gunfire! British Artillery in World War II, by Stig H Moberg

Gunfire! British Artillery in World War II, by Stig H Moberg

Published by Frontline in 2017, 448 pages. Hardback with Dust jacket (N7632X1)

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From the inside front fly leaf: ‘Although I am an infantryman, and proud of it, I have many times said that the Royal Regiment of Artillery, in my opinion, did more to win the last war than any other Arm of the Service.’ - Lieutenant General Brian Horrocks

This valuable study provides an unparalleled insight into how artillery resources were established, developed and employed during the Second World War, using the Royal Artillery as an example.

Beginning with an overview of the nature and state of readiness of the artillery on the outbreak of war, the book analyses in great detail the weapons available to it, their technical functionality and their performance capabilities. With this knowledge the author then explores the organization, methods, procedures and tactics employed. To complete his examination, Stig H. Moberg looks at a number of key battles from the war to see how the artillery was used, and the effectiveness of its support to the British and Allied infantry and armour, in the campaigns in North Africa, Burma and Europe.

The book is based on extensive archival research, interviews with veterans and contemporary historians, and previously unpublished personal accounts. Profusely illustrated throughout with photographs, maps, plans, graphs, charts and diagrams, it demonstrates precisely how British Artillery was used on the battlefields around the world.