Gun Fire (Number 43), edited by A.J. Peacock

Gun Fire (Number 43), edited by A.J. Peacock

A5 size booklet, 64 pages. (N7762)

Gun Fire was an occasional journal produced by members of the Western Front Association, and it contained articles about aspects of the First World War. This edition has 2 articles - 'The Findings of the Gordon Highlanders Court of Enquiry. The Serious Misfortunes of August 1914' (21 pages), and 'The Six Day Battle for Fort Troyon' (41 pages)

Interestingly, an earlier edition of the journal explained the origins of the slang phrase 'Gun Fire', detailing how it was a term for the early cup of tea served out to troops in the morning before going on first parade. In the War recruits in training always had Gun Fire supplied to them, as the work before breakfast was often particularly gruelling.

Condition of the booklet is generally very good. The cover has one or two minor scuffs and blemishes, but the staple spine is intact, and all pages are clean, intact, unblemished and tightly bound.