Guerilla Nightmare, by Lovro Persen and Mario Raguz

Guerilla Nightmare, by Lovro Persen and Mario Raguz

Subtitled 'Luftwaffe Stukas at war against Tito's Partisans in Yugoslavia 1941-1945'

Book published by Kagero in 2018, 150 pages. A4 size Hardback - c.21cm by 30cm (N6950)

Brand New Book

Stuka! The very name is synonymous with the screaming sirens and the falling of heavy bombs, and for the lightly armed Partisan forces in Yugoslavia, it meant despair, defeat and in many cases, death. For five long years Stuka units in the Balkan theater came and went, depending on what was happening elsewhere in Europe and North Africa, and the aircraft did not have permanent base in this area of operations (as was the case with NSGR 7 for example). However, the bomb loads that the Ju 87 carried and the precision to deliver them was a vital component in Axis war plans in the Balkans - in all major military operations in Yugoslavia against Tito’s forces, the Stuka was an element which was always included in Commander’s plans....

The book is illustrated throughout with lots of black and white photographs.